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Adrien Sala

Adrien Sala (Founder)

Adrien is the founder of The Gentleman’s Kitchen and writer for the Cooking to Get Laid Guides. He’s not a professional chef, so please don’t ask him to cater your wedding. He loves food and wine though and is pretty willing to share, so hanging out with him can be a pretty decent time.


Media One Multimedia

There is no “I” in team, but there is a MediaOne. M1 Multimedia is a stupidly talented group of people who have been working in the world of design, video production and digital development for over a decade. Run by Graem, Cody andAdam, M1 continues to be a huge part of CTGL and should be the guys you use too.


Lydia Beauregard

Sometimes you meet people who are so ridiculously talented you do everything you can to get them on your team. Lydia is one of those people. She is hands down the best illustrator we’ve ever encountered and we think you should definitely hire her for your projects. Just don’t take her away completely. We need her.

View More: http://robcampbellphotography.pass.us/ellie2015


Ellie is a food contributor and nutritionist who is most likely better at doing burpees than you. A great source for simple, delicious and nutritious recipes, Ellie has a realistic approach to making great meals. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.