Balsamic Reduction

Balsamic Reduction is a great and easy way to make inexpensive balsamic vinegar feel fancy…

To make this reduction, just heat. Really, it’s that simple. Despite its relative ease, however, Balsamic Reduction has the ability to transform dishes from mediocre to great in an instant.


Half a cup of balsamic vinegar

Balsamic Reduction


Warm a skillet over a MEDIUM HIGH heat and pour in the vinegar

Wait for it to start bubbling, then reduce heat to MEDIUM

Stir constantly using a spatula until it thickens, about 5 minutes

Remove from heat and pour into a serving dish or bottle to cool

Drizzle over your favourite snacks and salads

CTGL Tip: Balsamic Reduction will keep for around a month in the fridge, so if you’re using it a lot make an abundance.

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