Bloody Caesar

A quintessentially Canadian cocktail that is has saved more than a few Sunday mornings…

Bloody CaesarIt was a restauranteur from Calgary who invented the Bloody Caesar in 1969 as an attempt to spice up the classic Bloody Mary cocktail. Little did he know that Canucks had a passion for clam broth. Nearly 40 years later, roughly 350 million Bloody Caesars are consumed annually, mostly by Canadians on Sundays mornings who are looking for solutions to damage done the night before. 


Mott’s Clamato Juice

2 oz vodka

1 lime, washed and halved

1 generous teaspoon horseradish

10 to 15 dashes Worcestershire sauce

Celery salt (a pinch for the cocktail and enough to rim the glass)

1 tbsp pickle juice (literally the brine from pickles)

Cracked pepper

Garnish of choice (pickled things, bacon, cheeseburgers, whatever)


Rim a glass with celery salt by rubbing a lime around the top of it and dipping it into a small dish filled with the salt

Fill glass with ice

In a cocktail shaker, muddle half a lime, then add the horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, pickle juice and a pinch of celery salt

Top up with Clamato juice and shake well

Strain everything over the ice in the glasses and add your garnish

Crack pepper overtop, add your garnish and serve


*If you’ve never tried Clamato juice before, don’t fear the clam. It’s actually a delicious and healthy drink, kind of like a bone broth. 

*A lot of recipes call for Tabasco sauce, but we’ve opted for horseradish for heat. The pickle juice adds a nice tangy quality to replace that of Tabasco, but obviously add some if that’s your preference. 

*Get creative with your garnish. A classic is a stalk of celery, but it can really be anything from a pickled green bean to a piece of maple bacon. It’s really up to you. 

Mason Jar ShakerNeed a shaker for that cocktail? These mason jar shakers are super handy, especially if you happen to bust the glass and need to replace it (they’re super sturdy though). Our friends over at Huckberry sell them in stock. 

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