Whisky On The Rocks

Whisky on the RocksThere are many schools of thought when it comes to drinking whisky. Some people will tell you to never add water or ice under any circumstances, while others say just drink it however you enjoy it. We tend to lean toward the latter, which is to say we enjoy whisky on the rocks.

What Ice Does: Ice helps open up the whisky and diminish the harshness of hot (high alcohol) whiskies, mellowing the drink in a sort of time-release way as it melts.

Some people tend to get all bunched up about this, but it’s really as simple as ice helping to cut the alcohol in a potent whisky. If you find them harsh, add ice or water – even the Celts did it in medieval times.


• 2oz of your favourite whisky

• 1 large chunk of good clean ice


Put ice into a short tumbler or rocks glass

Pour whisky over ice

Give it a bit of stir and drink


*Whisky will always be its strongest (and purest) neat, so if you’re looking to get an untampered taste, take a sip before you pour. It will mellow pretty quick.

*It’s best to use big chunks of ice as smaller cubes tend to melt quicker and add more water to whisky faster.

Ice BallerGood ice is a great thing. Using crappy tray ice with freezer burn and bits of old ice cream bucket stuck to it will ruin a nice experience. Try an Ice Baller instead.

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