Why You Should Probably Get A Record Player

There’s a reason analogue is popular…


by Adrien Sala

Record Player _ Luke ChesserA big part of dating is creating great ambience – and one of the best ways to do that is through sound. While it’s not the worst thing in the world to play your music through your phone, there’s something fundamentally uncool about hooking things up through a dinky little cord. A better option is a record player with a couple decent speakers and an amp, which provide a richer and deeper sound. 

True, vinyl is a bit of work. Building your collection of records takes time – but that’s kind of the point. Taking pride in your tunes translates to taking pride in other areas of your life. You’re thoughtful. You have interests. You have taste. And that’s appealing.  

Vinyl has become one of the most popular sectors in music – and that means almost everybody is issuing new releases on records. You can buy them online or through an independent music shop. On top of that, there are millions upon millions of used records floating around the world, filling up vintage shops and record stores. Spending an afternoon hunting through boxes of old vinyl can be a great way to spend time. 

Girl and RecordIf you’ve never played vinyl before – or haven’t in a very long time – it’s worth reading up on it. Start with this article from PitchforkIn it there’s an argument for the sound quality of records over digital. It’s fairly a well-known fact that the audio off of a record is a boatload better than digital. Why? It’s because digital music is compressed. All the edges are shaved off and the layers pulled out so the files aren’t two gigs per song. Basically digital is just the impression of music, like the third bounce of an echo you screamed into a canyon after your lady leaves you for a man with better audio set-up. 

Here’s the real deal though: records force you to think about what you play. The ten-second DJ is all but destroyed by the simple fact it takes effort to change the song or album. Once upon a time people used to pick albums to suit their evenings and then just let them play through. Using a record player will give you that experience. You will show that you’re interested in creating a mood and will have time to focus on other important things –  like making dinner, cocktails or your next move.

Records Stacked _ Umberto Cofini


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